We offer accounts to suit businesses, clubs, organizations and individuals.

Please send all account applications and queries to

Credit accounts

We offer 30-day credit accounts to businesses and clubs, including sole traders. You can download an application form here.

Corporate rewards discount

We also offer corporate discounts to customers that regularly purchase high volumes from us.

School and childcare

We offer special discounts on education and office supplies to school and childcare centres. Please contact us if you like to set up a school account.

Pay As You Go accounts

You can also register a COD account with us. We maintain a history of your purchases, making it easier for you to identify which cartridges and other consumables you buy. COD accounts are also eligible for the same corporate discounts as credit accounts, and you can apply to upgrade to a credit account at any time. You can download an application form here.

Seniors and pensioner discount

We offer a discount on office supplies for pensioners and seniors card holders.

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