Paint & Paint Accessories

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We supply Australian-made, non-toxic, washable paints suitable for children of all ages. We also offer a wide range of painting accessories to help with tidyness and to facilitate creative play. The paint bottles can be fitted with pump lids so that children can easily fill their palettes without lifting the paint bottles.

Paint & Paint Accessories

Paints for Everyone


This economical classroom paint comes in 5L bottles and is suitable for all ages, including preschool.


An economical craft paint that is ideal for junior students' craft activities. Liquicryl is also available in metallic and fluorescent colours.


This high-quality paint is available in small bottles and is ideal for junior students' paintings.


A high-quality poster paint intended for use by junior students. Available in 5L classroom bottles.


The finest paint in our range. This acrylic paint is designed for senior students and can be used watered-down or straight from the bottle.

Fabric & Craft Paint

This special-purpose fabric paint can be sealed into fabric after painting to make it colour-fast and washable.

Face & Body Paint

These paints have been formulated for safety and quality by a cosmetic chemist, and come with wide lids so they can be used straight out of the jar.

Glitter and Pearl Paint

Our glitter paints are suitable for 3 year-olds and up, and each paint contains glitter in a matching colour to create a saturated finish.

Our pearlescent paints  create a novel shimmering finish for children's artwork.

Tempera Powder Paint

Powder paints can be mixed with water, glue, and other materials such as clay, plaster and dough.These paints can be re-wet, meaning that paint blocks in palettes can be reused even after drying.

Watercolour Paint

Our watercolour range can be used with a variety of applicators including brushes, spray bottles, droppers and sponges.


  • Brushes: hog hair, glue, vanish, stubby, junior, jumbo
  • Pattern rollers, wands, cutters and stampers
  • Paint pegs: these grippy pegs can be be threaded onto drying lines.
  • Colour wheels
  • Palettes & Trays: flat trays, art trays and bowls
  • Paint Pots: water pots, safety pots, pot stand sets