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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search engines are the heart of the Web. Search engines have replaced printed directories as the preferred way for people to find products and services.

It's vital that a website gets the best search engine rankings possible in order to be visible to customers. To ensure that a website gets a fair ranking, the site must be built to the guidelines provided by leading search providers. The site must also keep page load times down as low as possible, as slow and poorly-optimised web pages will be penalised by search engines in favour of faster, more readily accessible sites.

We take care everything under the hood so that search engines understand your site's content and give you favourable rankings.

What goes into SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) improves your website's visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). There are several factors involved in improving a website's visibility on search engines:

Proper coding and site architecture

In addition to the visual presentation that human users see, each webpage must provide all of the information required by search engines in order to correctly identify that page's content. We configure your site to provide all of this information automatically; you only need to provide the website's content itself.

User experience

Search engines reward websites that have fast loading times and mobile accessibility, as fast, mobile-friendly sites are deemed more useful to search users. For this reason, all of our sites are mobile responsive, and are built on Drupal, a fast-loading content management system.

Meaningful, relevant content

Search engines show your page to their users when your page's content matches up with their keyword search. You should use common terminology when describing products, include all relevant information about the subject of the page, and aim to be as succinct as possible.


Backlinks are links to your wesbite that appear on other websites. Search engines use these links as a measure of the popularity (and therefore usefulness) of your website. It takes time to to build up your backlinks (and therefore your SEO), as you can't simply buy them; you must build up your backlinks over time by providing useful content that people will want to share.

Search Engine Marketing

It takes time to build up a website's search engine visibility: your site's search engine ranking improves gradually as more people create links to your site, and it sometimes takes a little trial-and-error to figure out what content really attracts customer's to your site.

In order to get immediate visibility on search engine's, new websites can benefit from paid search engine listings, which appear above the organic (non-paid) results and therefore are more likely to attract the user's attention. Search engine marketing is especially useful for businesses that traditionally depended on business directory listings, as customers tend to rely heavily on search engines to find them.

Google Adwords

Google's paid listings are handled by Google Adwords. You can register an account and set up your own campaigns, but to ensure your ads are targeted at the right searches and remain relevant over time, you can enlist the help of an Adword's expert. The Online Director can manage your Adwords campaign for you, provide performance reports--email Sarah Halliwell to see if they can help you.

Fast Performance

Fast Performance

Search engines reward websites that load quickly as fast access to content is now considered an important factor in deciding the quality of search results.

Our sites are fast because we build them on a powerful content management system, and we build lean, low-bandwidth designs that load quickly for visitors with slow connections.

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Content Creation

Content Creation

We write each website's content with the intention that it will be read by both humans and search engines. Not only do human visitors benefit from well-structured content, but search engines can do a better job of connecting your site with their search users.

We are also careful to ensure that all content, not just the visible text, can be used by search engines. We also add metadata to pages as well as to images on the page such that search engines overlook the website's content.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics records how many visitors your site is receiving, how they arrive at your site, and what content they prefer. You can use that information to create better-targeted content and spend your advertising budget wisely.

We provide easy access to GA's statistics through your website's admin panel. This provides you with an executive summary of your site's visitor traffic.

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