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We can scan documents up to 914mm (36") wide, and we scan loose-leaf documents up to A3 size in bulk.

Once finished, you can collect the scans in-store or we can send the files out on your behalf.

  • Plans & Drawings

    We do low-res scanning for architectural drawings, model plans and craft patterns.

    These scans have small file sizes, allowing you to send them in bulk by email. We scan drawings to PDF at the same scale as your hardcopy; printing these scans to scale is straightforward.

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  • Poster Scanning

    Our wide-format scanner can scan posters and large photographs at 300ppi or 600ppi.

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  • Electronic file delivery

    We can send your scanned documents for you electronically, by email, fax, or using an online file transfer service.

    Alternatively, we can post the files on a USB flash drive or a DVD.

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  • File formats

    For standard document and poster scans, we can save to the following formats: PDF, TIFF, PNG, and JPEG.

    We also offer OCR (optical character recognition) scanning to DOCX format.

  • Document Scanning

     Have your documents and photos scanned from A6 to A0+ sizes with same day service available. OCR is also an option.

    Ask us about our document management service!

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