Rubber Stamps

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Quality heavy duty, long lasting, self inking rubber stamps including JP, business, personal, craft... a stamp for all uses. 5 ink colurs and a wide range of sizes and shapes.

  • Common Seal Stamps

    Common Seals are required for certifying legal documents by clubs, incorporated bodies and companies.

  • Justice of the Peace Stamps

    Long lasting refillable self -inking Justice of the Peace stamps made to the legal specification of South Australia including Certified Copy and Certified Copy with details.

  • Self Inking Stamps

    Heavy Duty self-inking stamp units made to last in a size and style to suit your needs.

    10,000 plus impressions, refillable and renewable,easy to change your information. No need to throw the stamp away if your information changes just let us replace the rubber with new information.

    Custom designs a speciality