Hole Drilling, Binders & Dividers

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We can print on to your tab dividers and collate them into your document for you. We can also print covers and spines for binders and collate the entire document into the binder.

Hole Drilling

We can drill holes in your document to suit almost any ring binder plus we can drill holes for hanging and other applications.

Our drill sizes range from 4mm up to 8mm.

Hole Drilling, Binders & Dividers

We can drill just a few sheets or large quantities of paper and card in a choice of 6 drill sizes: 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm and 8mm

Drilling Prices

Price per 250 sheets

Standard 6mm drill

1 hole  $2.50

2 hole  $2.50

3 hole  $3.00

4 hole  $3.00

Other drill sizes $2.50 set-up per drilling job


Binder Insertion & Tabbing

From one to hundreds of custom binders and manuals we can print, collate and distribue your manuals and folders.

We offer a range of binder options including, custom printed covers, inset covers and wrap covers all with multiple ring and finshed size options.

POA. Custom tabbing, document collating and preparation is charged per hour.