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Outback Experience Tours

Outback Experience Tours runs luxury small-group tours in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

They needed a tour marketing website that advertised their tours and allowed customers to make bookings online. The website needed to easy for customers to navigate and easy to administer.

Based on a detailed brief from the customer, we created a custom user experience and integrated a third party bookings widget.


Launch website

Content structure

The client had a well-defined concept for what they wanted to include in the website. Each tour needed to include a variety of content, including itinerary, photo gallery, prices and reviews. We designed a tour page template that makes all of this content accessible on all screen sizes.

The client also came to us with the idea for a photo gallery to showcase professional photography taken at the various tour destinations. We created a photo gallery which displays each photo in a lightbox when the user clicks a thumbnail.

In order to make navigation as easy as possible for users, the client also brought the idea of a purpose-made 'tour finder' that would allow customers to search for tours based on date and duration. We developed a custom module to make this function available on the home page where it serves as a starting point for new visitors.

Visual Design

Outback Experience Tours had a pre-existing brand; we created a design that conforms to the company's identity guidelines.

In order to catch visitors' interest, we opted for a design that made use of the stunning panoramic photography that Outback Experience Tours has collected. The home page features a slideshow of large banners for featured tours, while each tour page also features it's own large hero photo across the background.


Outback Experience Tours uses Checkfront to take bookings online. Checkfront provides a widget that can be embedded in a third party website, such as this one. We created a custom module that prepopulates the droplet widget with a specific tour; when a customer clicks to Book a tour, they are taken directly to the right tour within the Checkfront widget.

This solution allows the tour bookings, inventory management and secure payment processing to be delegated to Checkfront instead of adding commerce functionality to the website and building a full integration.

Google Analytics

The website is configured to provide tracking for Google Analytics and Google Remarketing. The client monitors the website traffic, the popularity of each tour, and the number of phone calls that are generated by the call button.